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City Tours

As you might have noticed, in the VIP trip package there are some tours included.

Upon huge requests we now started offering these tours also to everybody with other kind of packages, or people that just have recovery with us.

Did you know that the usual mandatory time in Cali before surgery is from 3-5 days?

Why not do a tour before surgery? Or once recovered before heading home. Get to know our beautiful subtropical city.

Oh and every Sunday evening we'll take you to the famous "parque del Ingenio" to stroll around, see locals working out and have one of our famous CHOLADOS, a cross between a frozen dessert, fruit cocktail, and a drink!


Pance river

prices are pp/ 2 hours

Just outside of Cali a crystal clear river with cascades, restaurants and leisure. With a tropical forest in the background. Paradise!



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Cristo rey

prices are pp/ 2 hours

The most touristical place to visit is Cristo Rey, a huge christ statue that overlooks the city of Cali. The last miles you have to walk but every step is worth it when you can oversee the city from above. Souvenirs are sold and great pictures can be made.

Typical snacks can be bought or go out dining at one of the great pizza restaurants at the beginning of the hill.



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San Antonio

prices are pp /2 hours

The oldest historical neighbourhood of Cali, great for souvenir shopping and grabbing a bite. Most fun in the evenings on weekends.



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Chiva rumbera

prices are upon request

Explore Cali as it's meant to be! In a chiva rumbera which is a typical bus made into a riding discobar. Enjoy Salsa rithyms in the capital of Salsa while touring around Cali BY NIGHT. Be ready to have an unforgettable night and make memories that will last a lifetime!


-upon request

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prices depend on location

Go on a shopping spree in one of our many malls with boutiques, cinemas and restaurants



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Parque de los gatos

prices are pp/ 2 hours

The 'Cat park" is a lovely place where you can enjoy art sculptures of cats in all form shapes and colors. You can have a stroll on the boulevard and see various statues and the oldest church as well. On the boulevard there are many local restaurants to enjoy some good food. And all this with the Cali river flowing around it. We suggest going in the afternoon.



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